About Us

Our Winchcombe high street chiropractic office has a welcoming, positive, high energy feel.

About Us

Our Winchcombe high street chiropractic office has a welcoming, positive, high energy feel. We love to have fun whilst helping our patients, and aim to have everyone leave walking taller and with a smile on their face!

We are a happy team with a mission to work together to help our Cotswolds community to feel healthier, happier and to keep doing the things they love!

We are not a “quick fix” / pain based or mechanistic practice — our beliefs are wellbeingfocussed. We are proud to have helped 1000’s of patients to get rid of pain initially, then achieve long-lasting change, through maintaining their progress allowing them to continue to do the things that bring joy to their lives! We are happy when our patients are happy!

All of our team members are highly trained – each of us has an integral role to play in helping you to live your best life. We enjoy continuing with personal and professional development to ensure we deliver the best service to you, whether we’re your chiropractor or your front desk team!

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Who Do We Help?

We welcome everybody into our practice. Any living being with a spine can benefit from being adjusted by a chiropractor! Our typical patient is between 30 and 60 (but we do see all ages!) and is interested in preserving their long-term health, most start their chiropractic journey looking for pain relief, then usually develop into devoted wellbeing members who are important parts of our
clinic’s community.

We love to get to know our patients – many of our loyal community were Alex’s first patients from when she first qualified and have chosen to continue their wellbeing journey with her.

Alex has an equine background so if you’re a rider or equestrian she will speak your language and has helped 1000’s of horsey folk over the years to be at their best.

Ready To Book?

If you’re ready too book an appointment or you have any questions then please get in touch! You can email us on or phone 07980 662 229 , 01242 437970.