What To Expect

We will never take a gamble with your health.

What To Expect

We will never take a gamble with your health.

Through our many years of experience, we have developed systems that are safe, thorough and efficient. We take a unique approach when we first welcome you as a New Patient. Allow us to guide you through our thorough process:

Pre- Appointment:

You will be sent an online form to complete prior to coming to the clinic. Please take 5-10 minutes to fill this in honestly – the questions are relevant and help us to build an overall picture of your problem and will help us decide if chiropractic care is the most appropriate intervention for you right now.

If you’re unable to complete the form online or don’t have an email address, just tell us and we’ll ask you to come to your appointment earlier so you can sit down in clinic and fill them in on paper.

New Patient Consult

Once you’ve been welcomed into clinic we’ll go through a detailed case history with you so we can discuss your complaint(s) in depth and get an understanding of how they are affecting your life. You’ll receive a thorough physical examination of your nerves, muscles and joints as well as a postural check to try to source the root cause of your problem. We will test whole body, not just the site of pain, as we know that the body can compensate for damaged regions and the pain can show up much later in an area of the body remote from the actual site of tissue injury.

This should take 30-45 minutes.

We will then write up your case, ready for your Results visit, or Report of Findings.

Results Session

We will offer you the opportunity to bring your spouse, relative or close friend to your Results visit as there can be a lot of information to take on! We will evaluate your nerve, joint and muscle test findings so that you will have a better understanding of your problem and why it’s occuring, and whether we’ll be able to help with Chiropractic care.

Your bespoke plan of care will be discussed, you’ll be encouraged to ask any questions you may have and we’ll go through financial options. If appropriate and you wish to do so, we can also do a gentle adjustment during this session. This will be the quickest and gentlest adjustment so I can see how your body responds.

We hope that you will leave with a better understanding of how chronic pain develops in the body, what we plan to do to help you become free from the pain and what you will need to do to help yourself throughout this plan (exercises etc). Team work is everything!

Ready To Book?

If you’re ready too book an appointment or you have any questions then please get in touch! You can email us on or phone 07980 662 229 , 01242 437970.