Need a Holiday?

Sep 11, 2021

Most of us have been lucky enough to escape for a break, but with all the Covid confusion, many of us have opted out of holidays this year, however, could you be in need of a holiday? Here are some signs that you might be.

OlaflongboroFirstly, you will begin to see signs of chronic stress. This can be anything from difficulty concentrating on routine tasks to digestive issue, and can include less obvious symptoms such as irritability, particularly towards friends, family, and work colleagues.

Has work become your life? Your entire identity has become wrapped in your work and you find that all your waking hours are consumed by talking or thinking about work, this is a sure sign that it’s time for a get-away.

Finally, if you’re making unhealthy lifestyle choices. Reaching for the wine bottle the minute you get home, over eating, ordering junk food and forgoing your usual exercise are all indicators that things may be getting just a bit too much for you right now, and its time for some down-time.

You may also have some trouble sleeping. This is a common symptom which many people often ignore or attribute to a separate cause. However, this can often be a clear indicator of high stress levels in the body, another sign that you may need a break!

Are you making mistakes at work? Especially mistakes which seem unusual for you?This is an indicator that you need some time away to reboot your mental hardware, separate yourself from work in order to perform better.

If you find yourself becoming less enthusiastic about work, dreading those Monday mornings when the alarm goes off, you may need to stop and think about taking some time to yourself to re charge, after all, you can’t run on empty!

You may feel yourself losing your sense of humour, you don’t laugh as much as you once did, or as easily. This can indicate a real lack of relaxation in your life, particularly within a workplace situation. If this is you, it’s time to take some time to yourself, re-find your funny bone!

unsplash-image-FD0Ga_KJTwMHolidays are so important, as they allow us the time to recharge, refocus and reconnect with ourselves and loved ones. Our bodies have an amazing built-in capacity to self heal (innate intelligence), however, if we are stressed and over-tired, we push this intelligence to its breaking point, where it can no longer function effectively, only doing ‘’minor repairs’ . This incapacitates us, as the body forces us to stop, so that it con complete the ‘major repairs’.

How often do we get ill with a bug when we stop?!

An empty tank cannot cope when resources are low, so we conk out, like a car with no fuel. If you’re seeing these signs in yourself, it’s time to get something booked, or even have a duvet day and just recharge.

“You can’t pour from an empty cup”